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ensure to use Cabinet
to streamline your
sales in social media

you need
to sell your consultations
on social media
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your services in cabinet:
Hi! How much does your course cost?
Hello, Jane! Can we meet today??
Wow! I want to order a consultation
how cabinet will help me?

Hey! I'm Jane, Ph.D., and I run my Instagram channel with 4823 followers.

How Cabinet will help me?
provides the full details

Jane uses Cabinet as a general
reference for all occasions

helps to find
a convenient time for activities

Jane sets up her working hours once and subsequently sends the cabinet link generated when a meeting is to be fixed

Hey! When should we meet?
Choose the slot: jane.cabinet
assists in the acceptance
of payments

Jane simply enters her bank account in a secure Stripe system, and cabinet handles the rest

gives prompt reminders about

Jane doesn't have to think about reminders because Cabinet texts her and Peter before the meeting directly on Whatsapp

helps users to reschedule appointments

Assuming Peter wants to reschedule a meeting, Cabinet will sort it out. Jane doesn't have to think about it

helps to collect reviews

Jane doesn't chase clients to get feedback. Cabinet does it for her, and Jane will decide whether to publish the reviews or not.

Helps to compare dates with other application

Jane works efficiently with what she likes and does not think about the routine

Cabinet sorts out by itself!

Jane works efficiently with what she likes and does not think about the routine

designed for
opinion makers
digital experts
As an expert in sales, this is the most amazing service I have ever seen. Customers love the platform for its convenience, ease to use, and affordability. For beginners who do not have a team or assistance with paperwork, Cabinet is the perfect lifesaver! It will remind, ask for a review, and help when difficulty arises. I recommend it!
Christina Mei Hicks Therapist
Cabinet was tested on three of my clients - the functionality was just great! Among the various features enjoyed includes - There is a booking option for both an individual and a Group! Synchronization with Google calendar and Zoom - a link to a Zoom conference is generated automatically! Collecting reviews right on the platform! The link to the service can be used both separately in the profile header and the Tap link. Use it!
Kisiki Mubiri SMM specialist
Guys! You are just superb! Appreciations to the developers for this service. It is incredibly convenient and easy to use. Technical support responds quickly and intelligibly. I use the platform with great pleasure!! 🔥🔥🔥
Nguyễn Xuân Lan Psychologist
free forever
completely free plan
for an individual expert:
    Creating links for personal and group bookings
    Whatsapp meeting reminder
    Integration with Zoom, and Google calendar
    Feedback collection after the meeting
    Multilink for social media: page branding, theme customization, messenger buttons, an infinite number of external links, integration with Google Analytics
    Booking widget on the website
    Payment acceptance via Stripe