Notification settings


If you have a need to send personalised emails for each service, you can set up notifications by going to the "Notifications" section


  • Click "Add New Notification"
  • Fill in the name of the notification, for example, “Thank you!”
  • Select for which of the services this notification will be enabled
  • Start configuring Action #1 for this particular notification. There can be more than one action. This means that for all clients who have booked this service different personalised letters can be sent corresponding to the desired condition.
  • Select from the dropdown menu when this action will be triggered
  • How many seconds, minutes, hours or days after the event (new booking, rescheduling or cancellation)
  • Choose who will be the recipient: your client or yourself
  • The email title can be personalised. To do this, use variables. For example, if you want to write: “Client’s name, thanks for booking!” - then start by selecting the variable "Clients name", and then enter the desired text


  • In a Body section enter a personalised text of the letter using variables.
  • For example:

  • If you need to add one more action, for example, after cancelling the meeting, you need to send an email, then click "+ Add action" and repeat the whole process again
  • Click "Save"

If you need to disable the notification in the future, simply slide the green switch to OFF.

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